Cuba Speaks for Itself

To reserve tickets to hear President Miguel Diaz-Canel speak on September 26th : email or call 212-926-5757×6. Give the name (as it appears on the picture ID) for each ticket, also a contact phone number and email. One person can pick up tickets for a group.

To pick up the actual tickets (with your name) go to any one of the following distribution points:


418 West 145th St, Harlem

Tickets can be picked up Mon-Fri 11am to 6pm

Call 212-926-5757 x6 before coming

Contact person: Gail Walker or Emily Thomas

International Action Center

147 West 24th St, Midtown

Tickets can be picked up Mon-Fri 3pm to 10pm

Call 212-633-6646 before coming

Contact person: Sharon E.

Holyrood Church

715 West 179th St, Washington Heights

Tickets can be picked up Mon-Fri 10:30am to 3:30pm

Contact person: Radhames Morales

Sister’s Place

456 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

Tickets can be picked up Mon-Fri 7pm to 9pm

Call 718-398-1766 before coming

Contact person: Roger Wareham

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